Program Benefits:

  • Lose weight and implement food portion control

  • Heal digestive system complaints like gas, bloating, and constipation

  • Brighten skin and heal acne

  • Resolve chronic inflammation and pain

  • Stop bloating and fatigue

  • Determine food sensitivities

  • Regain health and radiate self confidence

  • Feel calm and centered

  • Experience greater mental clarity and less brain fog

  • And much more!


About the Program:
This program is easy to understand and easy to implement, regardless of your health goals and motivation. Dr. Marissa Castello provides you with the tools and steps to help you let go and feel better. When you sign up, you will receive a welcome email with starter goodies and Dr. Marissa will send three cleanse supplements. Once you receive them, you can begin the 7-Day Cleanse.


Developed and facilitated by a Naturopathic Doctor.

What’s Included in the Program:

  • Supplements- Detox Protein Powder, Probiotic & Omega-3

  • Quick Start Guidelines

  • Cleanse Recipe Guide

  • Grocery Shopping List

  • Daily Emails and Videos to Keep You Motivated

  • Private Facebook Group for Community Support & Tips

  • Accountability, Motivation, and Support All Week Long

You complete the 7 days at your leisure, when timing is in your favor. You’ll want to lighten your responsibility load with work and family obligations. This ensures that you have the opportunity to slow down and listen to your body…

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When does the cleanse start?
A: There is no specific start date for the cleanse, however you must wait until you receive your cleanse supplements to begin. You can start the cleanse whenever it is most convenient for you. I like to begin on Sunday. It’s a nice, slow day to set intentions, plan, and prepare your food for the week ahead!

Q: How much will the supplements cost?
A: The detox protein powder, high potency probiotic, and Omega-3 supplements are all included in the cost of the program and will be sent to the address you provided when purchasing the program. There are other optional cleanse supplements such as a weight loss booster, Magnesium, Vitamin D drops, and detox tea. You receive a 10% discount on all physician-line supplements.

Q: How will I feel during the cleanse?
A: The first few days of the cleanse, you will likely experience some mild symptoms. Due to the drastic change in your diet, you may feel more fatigued, more moody & irritable, and may have a chronic dull headache as your body re-calibrates. By Day 4, most people begin to feel better and by Day 5, they feel incredible…energized, less bloating, restful sleep, great mood, and reduced cravings!

Q: What is the best time to do the cleanse?
A: As mentioned above, low energy and irritability may be a symptom the first few days. It’s best to participate in the cleanse during a week you can commit to it and SLOW DOWN. This may mean reducing your time and energy commitments in other areas of your life for the first few days of the cleanse to set yourself up for success.

This should be a time of rest, relaxation, and reflection. Mark your calendar, because you are so worth it!

Q: What else can I expect?
A: Sometimes a cleanse can bring out deeply seeded emotions- sometimes emotions you’re not always aware of. That’s normal and it’s a good thing! Cleansing works on a deep, cellular level, and can be healing and transformative. Be sure to have a journal handy to give these thoughts and emotions the attention they deserve. This can be a powerful time of healing - be kind, gentle, and patient with yourself.

If you can avoid stress and stressful people, this is a good time to detox from them too!

Be sure to avoid overexertion and intense exercise like Crossfit during your cleanse. Your energy will likely be inconsistent. Slow, Yin yoga is a good match for the inner journey you’ll be taking. Pair it with daily meditation for the best results!

Q: What is the time commitment during the week of the cleanse?
A: The time commitment above and beyond your normal food preparation commitment is minimal. Be sure you have time to keep stocked up on delicious fruits and vegetables and allow yourself time to whip up your favorite shakes and smoothies! You’ll also want to be sure you’re leaving space in your schedule for healing and nurturing yourself as discussed above.

Q: Is the cleanse safe if I have other certain medical conditions?
A: The 7-Day Cleanse was developed by a Naturopathic Doctor, and is supervised by Dr. Marissa Castello throughout the 7-Day process via Facebook. While it is beneficial for most, certain medical conditions may be contraindicated. We will ask about any pre-existing medical conditions at checkout and will contact you should there be any of concern. If you’d like to ask Dr. Marissa about any medical conditions prior to purchasing the cleanse, you can Connect with her here.

Q: Are additional products or supplements required to participate in the cleanse?
A: Yes! There are three required supplements to ensure you receive proper nutrients while participating in the Cleanse, as well as a few optional ones. The required supplements are included in the cost of the program and you’ll receive them within 10 days of enrolling in the 7-Day Cleanse Program.
It’s important you don’t begin the Cleanse until you’ve received the required supplements.

Here’s a preview of the three required supplements:

Probiotic (vegan option also available)

Probiotic (vegan option also available)

Detox Powder for protein/nutrients (Chocolate option also available)

Detox Powder for protein/nutrients (Chocolate option also available)

Omega-3 (Vegan)

Omega-3 (Vegan)

Q: What is the re-introduction phase and how long does it last?
A: On Day 8 of the cleanse, you will methodically re-introduce one food group per day for 4 additional days to identify possible food sensitivities. The re-introduction phase may take longer if certain food sensitivities are discovered. More information will be sent about food re-introduction during the Cleanse.

Q: Do I have to be on Facebook to participate?
A: No. Facebook is not required. However, without a Facebook account you won’t have access to the Private Facebook Support Group for the Cleanse. Support and motivation from peers who have completed or are completing the Cleanse really helps when times get tough. Plus, this is where Dr. Marissa will be hanging out most - to provide support, motivation, and answer questions as needed.

Q: Do I have to live local to Santa Cruz, CA, USA to participate in the cleanse program?
A: No. The Cleanse is 100% online and in the comfort of your own home.
The beauty of this is that you can participate from anywhere in the world, anytime!