5 Ways to Keep Your Yoga Practice While Traveling

5 Ways to Keep Your Yoga Practice While Traveling

Welcome Wanderlust! The season of travel is upon us during the spring and summer months. While you might be leaving home for a bit, it doesn't mean you have to abandon your practice!  

Maintaining a yoga practice while on the road can be challenging at times but we all know how good it feels to have a regular routine. Consistency is key with daily yoga and that discipline helps keep your body and mind in a blissful state!

Here are five ways to help keep up your practice while you are away from home.

Set Aside The Same Time Daily

First thing in the morning is the best time to start your practice.  Upon waking, set your mat in a comfortable place or out in nature and hop to it!  This will make it easier to keep a routine and enjoy your surroundings.

If you are traveling to a beach location, take your mat to the beach and soak up some sun and fresh air.  

If your travels are for work and your scenery is your hotel room, place your mat near your bed and play meditation music. It is the perfect way to start the day on the right foot.  

Preparation is Key

Be sure to bring a travel yoga mat, music playlist, and anything else you use during practice.  Those are the most common essentials. If you prefer to watch a guided yoga session, there is plenty to view on Youtube for all levels.  If you won’t have internet access while on vacation, create a playlist that is stored on your phone just in case. With preparation, you will be more likely to use the tools you brought with you.

I absolutely love using this portable yoga mat when I travel. You can also check out this list of the 12 Best Yoga Mats for Carpet Flooring.

Challenge Yourself With Something New

We naturally want to better ourselves.  When we have a goal or challenges set, it makes progress fun. If you create a challenge such as trying a new pose each day, holding poses longer or practicing for 30 minutes daily it helps to stay the course.      

Don’t Be Afraid of Practicing in Public

There is no need to be modest with your yoga practice. Let your soul shine! If you want to bring your mat on a nature hike and practice in public, go ahead! It’s inspiring to other people to see you take time to center yourself.
You could awaken this sense of peace and calm in someone else!

Use a Yoga or Meditation App

There are so many great apps available with calming music, guided flow, and timed intervals.  As long as you have an internet connection this is a great motivator. With everything simplified, it can make sticking to your practice fun and easy. It will also bring a sense of accomplishment knowing that you kept to your goals!

Bon Voyage & Namaste!   

With love,

Dr. Marissa 

5 Ways to Keep Your Yoga Practice While Traveling

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