How to Use Flower Essences for Healing

Flowers are nature’s gifts to us. In Buddhist culture, a blossoming flower is a metaphor for enlightenment! Do you ever feel drawn to a particular type of flower?  The attraction felt is often due to the energetic healing properties that particular flower has and its resonance with your unique frequency.

A Healing Tincture for Self-Growth

How to Use Flower Essences for Healing

Flower essences are a water-based tincture produced from the flower of a plant.  They are created by sun-steeping the delicate flower in water to make a formula with very unique properties.  This process captures the energy and vibration of the blooms and the end product is a subtle, yet powerful healing remedy.  

You can think of each flower as having a unique healing quality that energetically balances emotional disturbances and enhances one’s personal growth.

I typically use flower essences with patients who I suspect have a strong emotional component to their physical dis-ease.

Flower Essences to Ignite Change

The essence of a flower helps us to heal and grow because its’ subtle power ignites change at a deep emotional level.  The amazing changes that can occur from using them include an increased sense of well-being, more joy, confidence, clarity, creativity, and forgiveness.  This amazing alchemy allows us to have better relationships with ourselves and with others.

Energy is Not a Chemical Process  

It literally boils down to energy.  All plants have a unique vibrational signature to them.  The energy of a cactus flower is not the same as the energy of a rose and an individual may benefit from the slower energy of a cactus flower over a rose. The act of using a flower essence captures that particular energetic signature and can help heal deep wounds or persistent emotional issues.   

It is all individually based and not biochemical like a pharmaceutical drug to cure an ailment.

The healing these essences bring is based on a vibrational alignment with the chosen flower and an imbalance within a person. A flower essence can work immediately or take several days or even weeks to work as the healing unfolds like a blooming flower.    

The Research Shows Results

Many studies have demonstrated a direct correlation between physical illness and our emotions.  We all know that feeling of being stressed out by the daily grind. Stress is often easy to map as it manifests physically in certain places like the gut, or in muscle tension in the neck and shoulders. This is a prime example of how many people experience physical ailments as a result of negative feelings. Flower essences aim straight for the emotional aspect of an ailment, not the physical issue such as neck or knee pain.  Their ability to balance the intense emotions that create physical problems is quite extraordinary, as I have seen in clinical practice.

How To Use An Essence

Because flower essences are made into a water-based tincture and not an oil form, they are often taken internally.  This is the quickest way to benefit your system. Putting a few drops under your tongue throughout the day is the most common way to use them.  If you don’t like the taste, some prefer to dilute it and make a tea by adding a few drops to filtered water.

As you consume them, stay mindful of the balance you seek as if it were a mantra to help guide your emotional healing.

How to Use Flower Essences for Healing

Here are other ways to use a flower essence tincture:

  • Add to water, tea, or other beverages

  • Add to the food you are about to consume

  • Apply to pressure points, acupuncture points or chakras

  • Add the essence to a bath and soak

  • Use as a spray or mist on yourself, pillowcases, or around your house

  • Add to personal products - facial oil, serum, lotion, shampoo, and massage oils

Use your intuition when it comes to consuming flower essences as it will be unique to you.

A flower does not compare itself to the beauty of others around it, it just blooms.  The process starts with the right internal balance. Your glorious blooming will take place the same way!

Getting enough sunshine, living food, water, rest, and quiet, mindful focus on how you want to grow as a person will contribute to your blossoming process!  

Learn more about which flower essences may benefit you at:

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Dr. Marissa

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