Finding Positivity in an Age of Unknowing

Affirmations and Rituals to Implement Into your Daily Life

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Overworked, exhausted, trouble sleeping, bad food cravings, irritability...if  you’re like any of the other 7 billion people in the world, you are no stranger to the over-workings and under-pleasures of being stressed.

Maybe you’re constantly seeking refuge in unsustainable purchases, borrowing energy from caffeine and energy drinks, filling your emotional well full of foods that are minimally nutritious- who can blame you? You’re simply struggling to find a calm and peaceful balance in your overpacked daily life. 

You may even  feel depressed, sad, overwhelmed, or fearful...but, guess what? You are definitely not alone. In fact you are NEVER alone in this beautiful process called life. Just beyond your all-consuming thoughts and the pile of paperwork your boss has left you is solace in the form of, well, yourself.

Yes!! It’s true! You are your greatest coach, your biggest cheerleader, and your best friend. Your wisdom runs deep and you are your own Guru. Life has taught you a thing or two about overcoming obstacles and you are the authority of YOU.

 But in the midst of all of life’s tedious chaos, it’s so easy to forget about the true power you have.

Enter ritual: the simple process to help you find consistency, calm, and happiness. It's possible and attainable to think and feel differently. The secret lies in the ritual of your own mind. But get ready...finding happiness make take just a little bit of work. The good news is, since you’re your best friend and all, the belief in yourself is where it all begins.

And you believe you can be happy, right?

I’ll assist you in getting started on this wellness journey by offering some simple tips and tricks to implement the Ritual of Positivity into your daily thought process. All you have to do is show up!

 Here are 4 Rituals of Positivity to get you started:

Affirmations and Rituals to Implement Into your Daily Life
  1. Ritual One: Post Your Affirmations All Around You
    Find affirmations that resonate with you. Some examples include:
    “I am beautiful inside and out.”
    “I deserve to feel happy and calm.”
    “I am strong enough to do anything.”
    “Breathe in and out slowly, and count your blessings.”
    “I am extremely blessed/lucky/full of life.”
    “You are the most valuable thing you’ll ever own.”
    “I am enough just as I am.”

    These are just a few that might feel good to you.

    Take a few post-its and write down your top affirmations. Place them somewhere where you see them often, most importantly where you’ll see them when you wake up or before you go to sleep. This can be your bathroom mirror, your dresser, your fridge.

  2. Ritual Two: Breathing Is Your Best Friend
    The power of the breath is ancient and all-knowing. Taking time every day to breathe, even just 30 seconds of slow and steady breathing, with your eyes closed, and your focus on your breath can help to center your mind and your body, as well as release serotonin in the brain to promote happiness and positivity. 

    A few times a day, find a comfortable place to sit with limited noise or other distractions. This may be right when you wake up in bed, at your desk, in a park on your lunch break... wherever feels comfortable when sitting.

    Close your eyes, and inhale deeply for 4 seconds. Hold your breath for 2 seconds, then release slowly for 8 seconds. If you can do this 3 times in a row, even just once a day, you’ll feel a dramatic sense of calm and centeredness. Try it 1-3 times a day, with 3 rounds of breaths each time.

  3. Ritual Three: Meditation
    This one can feel daunting for some people. Meditation has a mixed reputation; it can be considered hard yet rewarding. But meditating should be an enjoyable ritual, not a forced habit.

    Start with just 5 minutes in the morning and the evening. It is best to find a quiet place to sit inside your home that is free of distractions, where your feet can feel the floor and you are poised in a good upright posture. Try to relax your shoulders and the muscles in your face.

    You may enjoy adding calming music or even using a guided meditation app such as Headspace. Close your eyes and practice the breathing ritual suggested in the previous section above. Mentally “scan” your body slowly...from the top of your head down to your toes.  Feel the muscles that are tense and try to concentrate on relaxing them.

    Try to practice the breathing for 5 minutes. If you are able to go longer, that’s fantastic! If not, the benefits of meditation will still begin to build for you and eventually you’ll look forward to longer meditation times.

    The most important part of your meditation will be how you deal with thoughts and stressors that arise in your “monkey mind” while breathing. There are several types of meditating that deal with these thoughts differently. One way is to see the thought that arises as a cloud. Allow your exhale to serve as a light breeze that gently blows the cloud away. Don’t force it. Just imagine it’s a breezy summer day, and the clouds are simply floating along, just like your thoughts. They come. Then they go. Never staying long.

  4. Ritual Four: What Are You Grateful For?
    The process of writing things down can be boring or tedious for some people. But its essential to making the thought process you are striving for tangible.

    Taking just a few minutes every day to write down 5-10 things you are grateful for creates space in the mind for awareness around your life and helps you appreciate what you are endowed with. It can be as simple as being grateful you can see, for your dog or cat, for the roof over your head, or that you get to have sushi tonight with friends.

    It doesn’t matter what it is. If it’s important to you, reminding yourself of your beautiful life will quickly bring results in thinking and feeling more positive. It may also help you take notice of small things in your daily life a little differently and with a greater sense of appreciation.

I hope these tips help you gain a little more perspective and balance in your daily life.  Should you want more inspiration, motivation, and guidance...I’d love for you to join me for my FREE 21-Day Transformation, where you’ll receive 21 daily doses of transformational practices absolutely free.  

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With Love,

Doctor Marissa

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