The Power of Selenite: Protection & Positivity


Selenite is a stone that offers numerous benefits. It is actually a form of crystallized Gypsum, which is used for both protection and for good luck. Selenite wards off negative energy and protects your own energy from being drained from outside sources.

It’s so good at removing negativity that placing it in a room will allow it to absorb the negative energy right out of the room. This is the reason that Selenite is often used for Feng Shui.

Selenite is massively beneficial to all aspects of mental health. It balances and stabilizes emotions, which helps with depression.

It also has a calming effect that provides you with a sense of peace, which is great for those who suffer from anxiety and stress. It helps you become more flexible, helping you feel comfortable “going with the flow” rather than becoming bothered and stressed out.

Selenite also removes energy blockages, which can allow you to overcome emotional stagnation. In this way, you’ll be less likely to dwell on things and hold grudges, allowing you to become more able to move on.

Selenite can provide mental clarity, enabling you to truly clear your mind so that you’re able to make decisions easier and more efficiently. It keeps you focused on the things you should prioritize or that need attention first. You’ll also be better able to approach problems in a more logical and rational way.

Selenite helps you feel more positive and hopeful when faced with a bad situation and gives you the emotional strength needed to get through it.

Since we could all use an energy boost, some mental clarity and emotional cleansing, Selenite is a stone you should absolutely consider adding to your collection.


With love,

Dr. Marissa


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