Nutrient IV Therapy

The Health Benefits of IV Treatments


Nutrient IV drip therapy is a great way to deliver vitamins, amino acids, minerals, and homeopathics directly into the bloodstream. Bypassing the digestive system, the nutrients are available for immediate use and this accelerates the effectiveness of the treatment.

Impaired absorption can drastically reduce the body’s ability to effectively convert nutrients into usable energy for cells.

IV drips ensure 100% absorption for maximum effect in all body systems.
High-dose nutrient IV Therapy can:

  • Strengthen immune system function

  • Enhance energy levels

  • Improve symptoms of depression & anxiety (hello B Vitamins!!)

  • Boost mental clarity and cognitive function

  • Encourage glowing skin and fight free radical damage

  • Improve symptoms of Chronic Fatigue & EBV

  • Improve athletic performance and endurance

  • Accelerate wound healing after surgery

Prices vary by formulation. Connect with Dr. Marissa to find out more.