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Dr. Marissa Castello, Naturopathic Doctor

Dr. Marissa Castello, Naturopathic Doctor

Meet Dr. Marissa

Dr. Marissa’s approach as a naturopathic doctor focuses on utilizing the body's innate ability to heal. She uses a mind-body-spirit approach, allowing for a comprehensive health assessment from the mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and environmental realms.

In addition to her training as a doctor, she utilizes knowledge from her experiences as a macrobiotic chef, hypnotheraist, reiki master, and craniosacral therapist.

Let Dr. Marissa explore what personalized healing potential exists for you to reach your optimal today!

Begin your journey to a healthier you today

Dr. Marissa’s services include cleanse programs,
B12 premium injections, healthy aging medicine
and much more!

Get wellness tips from Dr. Marissa herself

Dr. Marissa’s blogs feature recipes, health advice and much more!


If you seek guidance in achieving a healthy lifestyle, diet, and spiritual practice, Marissa will lead you down the path to happiness and vibrant living. Marissa’s influence on my diet and nutritional choices from over a decade ago still last to this day.
— B. Wiant
She is a wise soul. Her education is extensive and her knowledge base is vast! This is a doctor who is willing to meet you where you’re at and journey with you to the places you want to explore.
— L. Chaliss
Dr. Marissa Castello has transformed my life and opened up my eyes to a new world of healing. She was extremely knowledgeable and took a great deal of time in understanding my particular health needs and has put me on a path of greater wellness and health.
— M. Kelley
I completed Dr. Marissa’s cleanse recently and all I can say is WOW! I feel great, I look amazing, and my energy is OFF THE CHARTS!!
— M. Crinnion